From The Pulpit of DUMC

#144. Rev. Dianne Lawhorn - March 21

Episode Summary

In the our lectionary gospel lesson for today, we find John’s version of the Gethsemane prayer, where Jesus says, “my soul is troubled.” In this moment, he considers if he should ask to be saved from this hour. He realizes that this is what He was sent for, so instead, He asks for the Father to be glorified through it. There is the fragrance of grief and sorrow here. Our Lenten journey reminds us that we grieve Jesus’ death, so that we can celebrate the joy of His resurrection. In this, we realize that sorrow actually prepares us for joy. It is through pain and sorrow that the real joy rises. Because of our deliverance, joy will get the last word in our story every time. That joy won’t be a denial of pain, but will be a victory over that pain. Our challenge is to learn to call out to God and praise Him even in the midst of our sorrows, so that He can help us to trade our sorrows in for joy.