From The Pulpit of DUMC

#115. November 22 - Rev. Dianne Lawhorn

Episode Summary

Thanksgiving has been understood as a day to humbly reflect on the abundant gifts that saturate our lives. It inspires us to think about what it means to be truly thankful and to consider the impact that gratitude can have. Some have described gratitude as “ the practice of making space for appreciation.” Embracing gratitude as a practice is about acknowledging the goodness in our lives and acknowledging the source of that goodness. The Apostle Paul reveals just this kind of grateful heart in his letter to the church at Ephesus. Despite his difficult circumstances, He constantly gives credit to Christ for the work of transformation. It is obvious that giving thanks had become a way of life for Paul. Giving thanks can become a way of life for us as well. It can become a kind of oxygen that wakes us up to really living. Let’s be intentional about remembering and being thankful in this season. Especially, as we celebrate Christ the King Sunday, let’s acknowledge the source of goodness in our lives, as we confess that Christ is deserving of our gratitude. Let’s celebrate the one who not only transforms us, but who can transform the world through us.